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track phone calls from your campaigns

Why and how to track phone calls generated by your advertising campaigns?


Evolution of phone calls across all sectors and impacts during periods of lockdown.

In recent years, consumer behavior towards the telephone has changed significantly. The consequences of a health crisis have reinstated the telephone as a preferred means of contacting a company.

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*C1: First lockdown *C2: Second lockdown *C3: Third lockdown

Source: link to the telephone data observatory https://www.magnetis.fr/observatoire/

magnetis: call tracking is an innovative solution

However, when it comes to measuring the performance of both online and offline campaigns, the observation is straightforward: tracking is lost when it comes to phone calls. Yet, solutions exist!


As defined by Magnetis, call tracking is an innovative solution that allows your business to track and analyze its incoming calls. It’s analytics for inbound phone calls!


Indeed, if you’re investing in both online and offline marketing with lead generation and demand generation goals but are unable to identify the volume of calls generated by the campaigns, it’s time for you to switch to call tracking.


Dedicated tools for this type of tracking provide a more precise and reliable view of performance. Beyond form submissions, click volume, and traffic recorded on your site, you’ll be able to track incoming calls from various touchpoints. This will allow you to specify your costs per lead, understand your expenses, and adjust your budgets based on the most effective communication channels.

partners: magnetis

Our partner, Magnétis, offer an interface that is easy to understand and quick and simple installation. Tracked numbers are ordered directly from the interface, so no technical setup or modification of existing telephony is required. By using tracked numbers that redirect calls to the client’s historical number, they can determine the origin of each call. In addition, Magnetis offers:

  • Receive alerts and detailed reports to track your results (such as missed calls).
  • Enjoy an intuitive dashboard that allows for quick trend analysis.
  • Drive leads to conversion by automatically sending SMS for missed calls, containing a link to a website or an online form.
  • Connect call tracking to other solutions and applications through an API and a Zapier connector.
  • Monitor the proper handling of leads generated by online forms, thanks to a new component of the solution, outbound call tracking.


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EMB Mercedes case

For the past three years, the Mercedes-Benz EMB dealership has been leveraging our expertise to craft its digital strategy and boost the volume of inbound leads on its website. Faced with strong competition, we needed to deploy a powerful activation mechanism capable of intercepting prospects in their research phase and prompting them to contact EMB’s experts.


Thanks to Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, we saw a positive evolution of +175% in terms of lead volume. However, despite advanced tracking via Google Tag Manager, our analysis did not account for call volume. Therefore, we implemented a Call-tracking solution to track inbound calls based on different sources (SEO, SEA, Social Ads) and different dealerships. With this new insight, we can establish that Google Ads campaigns represent the primary source of inbound calls for the dealerships (784 calls recorded from Google Ads campaigns with an average call duration of 30 minutes).


Regarding R.O.I. and cost per lead calculation, considering phone calls allows us to observe a 300% increase in conversion from our campaigns! The cost per lead has decreased by more than half in one year; without Call-tracking usage in 2021, we determined the cost per lead to be €34 for a high-converting campaign. Since implementing Call-tracking, we discovered that the actual cost is €15 per lead, still for the same campaign.


Precisely calculating R.O.I. helps determine which campaigns are consistent performers and which ones to activate periodically. Moreover, by redirecting budgets to the most successful campaigns, we optimize marketing costs.

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Thanks to the enhanced conversion rate resulting from this new analysis, we continued our campaigns and optimized acquisition costs through better insights into their impact.


The benefits of Call-tracking are manifold:

  • A granular view of your marketing campaign performance,
  • Enhanced brand image through streamlined phone call experiences,
  • Improved marketing budget management due to precise R.O.I. calculation for different campaigns,
  • Approximately 20%* of sales opportunities recovered through missed call alerts.


(*20% missed calls on average, across all sectors (data from the Magnétis Barometer for the year 2021)).

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