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Global and digital communication agency to bring your stories to life and grow your organizations…


We are one of the largest teams of experts in branding, communication strategy, web and e-commerce development, digital advertising and activation, in the France – Switzerland region.

We welcome you to our agencies in Geneva La Praille (Carouge) and Annecy (Poisy).

Why call ourselves Gardeners?

Because like gardeners, we are growth accelerators. The power of your brand often just needs to be revealed, stripped of the superfluous, amplified, and directed until it captures the attention of your target audience. Thus, thanks to our secrets and our creative, narrative, and digital expertise, we help grow the organizations we accompany on a daily basis.


Is it possible to be both a communication agency and a digital agency?

Usually not really, as a communication agency typically focuses on design, messaging, and word choice, aligning a strategic vision with its expression through communication tools… while a web agency focuses more on technical mastery, development according to best practices, content accessibility on all devices and mobile, and interconnection of systems.

However, GARDENERS has a unique story. We stem from two merged agencies: Paprika communication agency (communication strategy, print communication and social media, advertising campaigns across all media) and Net Design web agency (web design, UX/UI, website and e-commerce site development, natural and sponsored referencing).

In 2019, the two agencies came together in service of an ambitious project, giving birth to the comprehensive agency GARDENERS, both creative and digital.


In summary, why choose Gardeners digital communication agency?

Bringing together so many services and experts within a single organization allows for seamless communication strategies, perfectly aligned from start to finish. This enables our clients to avoid wasting budget and maximize return on investment.

For our clients, whether large companies, SMEs, startups, NGOs, associations, or local authorities, we provide the guarantee of a “one-stop shop” capable of managing and coordinating the equivalent of 5 to 10 service providers.

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our projects

Gardeners supports over 250 B2B and B2C brands, non-profit organizations, and communities, primarily in France and Switzerland.

consulting & strategy

By giving meaning to your brand, we outline for you the contours of impactful communication, powered by powerful storytelling, fueled by quality brand content, a robust web platform, and a high-performing activation strategy.

design thinking

Thanks to our comprehensive set of Design Thinking methods and modeling approaches (Lean Startup, AARRR, double diamond, normstorming, design fiction…), we assist you in designing incredible projects. Whether it’s applications, interfaces, business models, or simply stories and experiences, they will be unique, original, memorable, and impactful.

visual communication and brand identity

Whether you need to create or redefine your logo, develop a distinctive brand identity, or design attractive graphics for your catalogs, flyers, stands, packaging, and more, our creative team is here to provide you with solutions that capture the essence of your business.

digital and web

Your online presence is often the first point of contact with your customers, suppliers, and potential collaborators. We design intuitive, ergonomic, responsive websites that are aesthetic and perfectly tailored to your brand image.

Whether you need a showcase website, a professional blog, a recruitment site, a B2B application, or an e-commerce platform, our technical team ensures flawless web development.

Based on the most robust open-source technologies on the market, we create your website by leveraging proven solutions that benefit from hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide. This includes frameworks like Symfony and Zend, CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal, and e-commerce platforms like Prestashop and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento).

SEO strategies

Improve your online visibility with our SEO expertise. We work on optimizing your website for search engines, thereby increasing your chances of appearing at the top of search results relevant to your industry.

social media management

Social networks (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter-X, etc.) are a powerful channel for interacting with your audience. We develop social media management strategies that strengthen your online presence, generate engagement and promote the growth of your community.

online advertising (SEA)

Gain immediate visibility with our online advertising campaigns. Whether through Google Ads or other advertising platforms, we develop targeted advertising strategies to reach your specific audience and maximize your return on investment.

influencer marketing

Collaborating with influencers can greatly amplify the reach of your message. We identify influencer partnerships relevant to your brand and coordinate campaigns that build your credibility and expand your audience. A tailor-made influence strategy.

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