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CSR & carbon footprint assessment

At Gardeners, Corporate Social Responsibility represents a sincere commitment.


This planet is the only one we have. We cannot behave as if our resources and living space were infinite.

At Gardeners, we believe in a sustainable and virtuous economy.

Through our organization, our purchasing and consumption behaviors, the selection of our battles and clients, we aim to achieve a positive global impact.

carbon footprint

1 tonne of CO2 equivalent per employee is exceptionally low, but it’s still too much.

In 2019, Gardeners agency initiated the calculation of its carbon footprint for the first time. It was carried out in partnership with the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, Polytech students, and ADEME’s reference frameworks.

  • Baseline data: 2019
  • Scope: Gardeners group (Gardeners agency, SWAT, The Green House + Gardeners Group holding)
  • Scope: #3
  • Result: 68 t CO2e,
  • Equivalent to 1.5 t CO2e per employee
  • 73% = professional and home-office commuting
  • 30% of the carbon weight of our equipment = computer screens



In the 2021 evaluation:

  • Our carbon footprint stands at 43 t CO2e, equivalent to 1 t CO2e per employee.
  • This is 40% less than the average for a French employee among the most virtuous companies.

“The world hates change, yet it’s the only thing that has allowed it to progress.”

Charles F. Kettering

leading by example in the economy:

At Gardeners, employees share 1/3 of the company’s profits!


“We believe in a sustainable and responsible economy. We think that in a highly digitized world, it is essential to place humans at the center of all considerations.

  • 1/3 of the profits are shared among employees as part of the profit-sharing plan.
  • Salary differentials are limited: 1 to 3.
  • Intrapreneurship is encouraged: Genesii, SWAT
  • 2% of our Gross Margin is dedicated to team training, including for executives. (Association Progrès du Management) !
  • Sustainability and durability of the company: Gardeners draws its heritage from over 35 years of history. The company is not a speculative venture but rather a human adventure, built to last.
  • An excellent Banque de France rating (new scale): G2+ ‘very satisfactory ++’
  • Solid Equity: + €1 million.

societal commitments and well-being

Gender Pay Gap: 94%


Comfort and well-being:

  • 92% of permanent contracts (CDI) within the group!
  • + €10,000 per year budget for small daily treats (fresh fruits, breakfast, free unlimited coffee…)
  • Regular organization of festivities (BBQs, outings…) and workplace activities (Yoga, running…)
  • “Liberated” management approach: “manager-coaches”, telecommuting, flexible hours…
  • + €100,000 invested in our premises (2018 – 2022): relaxation area, sound system, equipped kitchen…


A real inclusion dynamic:

  • Consideration for disability (within the teams and through ELISE – adapted company)
  • Employees from all backgrounds and nationalities (France, Tunisia, Argentina…)
  • Alternates and interns systematically supported by a mentor
  • Numerous sponsorships:
  • In culture: sponsor of Variation Classique Festival
  • In amateur sports: sponsor of Basket Club Annecy, Football Club Villaz
  • Support for major causes: Positive Minders (destigmatization of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder)


Strong gender equality:

  • Gender Pay Gap: 94% (2021) vs. a France average of 61%
  • Respect for parity within the team (we even manage to feminize our development teams!)

a sensitivity placed in the service of our clients’ CSR communication…

We combine our expertise in CSR with our communication skills to boost the CSR visibility of our clients.

In doing so, we work within organizations, alongside Directors, Executive Committees, or with CSR managers to help structure, infuse, and make visible the actions taken.

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Gardeners supports over 250 brands, in both B2B and B2C sectors, primarily in France and Switzerland.

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